Call For Interest: Proposal to Form the Endometriosis Social Research Network

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Proposal to Form the Endometriosis Social Research Network: Call for interest

We are proposing to create the Endometriosis Social Research Network (EndoSRN), the first interdisciplinary network for researchers undertaking, engaging, and/or interested in social research on endometriosis. We welcome those interested in the network to help shape its formation and mission to send an expression of interest in membership.

The EndoSRN is being established to bring together, strengthen and platform social research knowledge about endometriosis. It will aim to not only share knowledge across disciplines and identify research gaps, but also to generate opportunities to expand social endometriosis research and its funding.  It will endeavour to serve as an information hub to engage the health services, third sector, government and general public.  All researchers (postgraduates, early career to established senior academics, and practitioners engaged in research) from all social science disciplines are welcome.

To express interest and receive more information, please email

Sincerely, Professor Emeritus Elaine Denny and Dr. Annalise Weckesser