The FSA is a UK and Ireland based network promoting feminist research and teaching, and women’s studies nationally and internationally. Through its elected executive committee, the FSA is involved in developing policy on issues of central importance to feminist scholars in further and higher education, supporting postgraduate events and enabling feminist research. Committed to raising awareness of women’s studies, feminist research and women-related issues in secondary and tertiary education, the FSA liaises regularly with other gender-related research and community networks as well as with policy groups.

The FSA changed its name from the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association in 2020 to reflect the increasing diversity of our membership, the changing landscape of scholarship, and a desire to reach out to individuals and groups beyond the academy.

From the association’s beginnings in the early 1990s to 2007/8, we were known as the Women’s Studies Network. You can find out more about our history in our 30th Anniversary interviews with previous chairs and executive committee members.

The FSA would like to thank Photini Vrikki, Stacie Allan, Zahra Khosroshahi, Sara De Benedictis and Laura Clancy for all their hard work in getting the new website live, as well as Billie Temple for redesigning the logo.