my belly is mineThe My Belly is Mine campaign was set up to support Spanish women in their fight against the proposed reform to Spain’s current abortion law. We stand in solidarity with Spanish women and defend their right to safe, legal abortion.

We are organizing immediate peaceful action in London and in other European cities in collaboration with Spanish and European pro-choice and feminist activists.

Under present Spanish legislation, women have the right to an abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. In cases where the mother’s health is at risk, or when the foetus shows serious deformities, Spanish women have until the 22nd week to end the pregnancy.

A draft bill was approved by Spain’s cabinet on the 20 December 2013, which ensures abortion is only allowed in the case of rape, serious foetal deformity or if the pregnancy presents a serious mental or physical health risk to the mother.

Our immediate aims are:

  • To raise awareness in the UK of this proposed reform via online action
  • To commit to peaceful action in the UK in order to demonstrate our support to Spanish women and to help them defeat the bill

We require your support in the dissemination of our campaign. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved in the UK.

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Don’t forget to sign the petition to stop the draft bill to change the law on abortion in Spain.

protest 11 jan

Further information on the proposed abortion law reform from El Pais in English

Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón announced the proposed reform: “The woman can only abort if she is in danger, and if it is due to a sexual assault,” Gallardón said. “There must be a prior crime complaint and it can only take place during first 12 weeks.”

Ruiz-Gallardón also added that women’s rights have to “go hand-in-hand with legal procedure.”

10 key points of the new law

  • The new law brings to an end the right to have an abortion.
  • Abortions will now only be permitted in two circumstances: rape, and risk to the mother: the risk must involve “lasting harm” to the mother’s health.
  • Foetal deformation will no longer be allowed as a reason to request an abortion.
  • Foetal deformation will only be a valid reason if it is “incompatible with life” of the baby.
  • A woman requesting an abortion will need the approval of two doctors outside the clinic treating her.
  • All doctors will be able to refuse to perform abortions.
  • Under-18s will need to be accompanied by their parents, and have their permission, before an abortion can be performed.

(source: accessed 09/01/14)

Please let us know if we can count on your support.

We look forward to hearing from and thank you for your interest.