We are pleased to announce that the special issue of the Journal of International Women’s Studies featuring the winning and shortlisted essays from the 2015 FWSA essay competition has now been published. “New Directions in Feminist Studies – Winning and Shortlisted Entries from the 2015 FWSA Student Essay Competition” is edited by Charlotte Mathieson and Kehinde Olowookere, and marks the 11th year of the essay prize. The issue can be accessed online here: http://vc.bridgew.edu/jiws/


“Introduction: New Directions in Feminist Writing.” Charlotte Mathieson and Kehinde Olowookere.

“Reproducing the homonormative family: Neoliberalism, Queer Theory and same-sex reproductive law.” Eliza Garwood (prize winner).

“Taking a Break from the State: Indian Feminists in the Legal Reform Process.” Shruti Iyer.

“Exploring the shifting dynamics of female victimhood and vocality in Poe and Pirkis.” Eva Burke.

“‘Seething Underneath’: Objectification in Iris Murdoch’s Early Fiction.” Emily Tait.

Happy Days Sinking Into Immanence: Samuel Beckett and The Second Sex.Susan Hennessy.

“‘What on earth is she drinking?’ Doing Femininity through Drink Choice on the Girls’ Night Out.” Emily Nicholls.

“’Growing scar tissue around the memory of that day’: Sites of Gendered Violence and Suffering in Contemporary South African Literature.” Kate Every.