Jana Cattien, University of Cambridge; “Feminist Epistemology and the question of difference reconsidered: what can Wittgenstein tell us about ‘women’?”

Eleanor Dobson, University of Birmingham; “Sleeping Beauties: Mummies, and the Fairy Tale Genre at the Fin de Siècle”


Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani, University of Sussex; ‘Speaking back’ to the self: A call for ‘voice notes’ as reflexive practice for feminist ethnographers

Isabella Luta, University of Cambridge; “Nymphs and Nymphomania: Myth and Medicine in the Nineteenth Century”

Yvonne Frankfurth, University of Cambridge; “’Mothers, morality and abortion: the politics of reproduction in the formation of the German nation”

Thank you to all the candidates who submitted entries, and to the judges who have worked hard on this year’s competition. The next round of the competition will open in early 2017.