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Gender, Sexuality and the Sensory
A one-day symposium 
Hosted by Feminist Theory journal and the Gender, Sexuality and Culture and Visual and Sensory Research clusters in the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent.
Friday 19th May 2017, 10:00-18.00
University of Kent, Canterbury
Grimond Building, Lecture Theatre 3
With the turn to affect, the rise of various new materialisms and growing interest in the non- or more-than representational approaches, scholars across the humanities and social sciences have increasingly explored the significance of affect, atmosphere, mood and the sensory to the contemporary workings of social life and relations.  This one-day symposium asks what significance explorations of the sensory have for contemporary analysis of gender, sex, sexuality and intersectionality and, in turn, how contemporary gender, feminist and queer theories can, and are, contributing to intellectual, practice-based, and activist engagements with the sensory.  How, in other words, are gendered and sexualised embodiments, encounters and relations felt and sensed across different social, cultural and geo-political contexts and in what ways is the turn to the affective and the sensory gendered and sexualised?
Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths); Phil Hubbard (KCL); Kat Jungnickel (Goldsmiths); Dawn Lyon (Kent); Monica Moreno Figueroa (Cambridge); Kaitlynn Mendes (Leicester); Carolyn Pedwell (Kent); Magali Peyrefitte (Middlesex); Sweta Rajan-Rankin (Kent); Jessica Ringrose (UCL); Erin Sanders-McDonagh (Kent).
Event includes: Feminist craftivism workshop led by Katja May (Kent)
This event is free of charge, but places are limited. 
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Organisers: Dawn Lyon, Erin Sanders-McDonagh and Carolyn Pedwell (SSPSSR, University of Kent)