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To signal the end of CREN, we will be hosting a 3 part Black-feminisms series. Given our motivations behind setting up CREN, it seemed only appropriate that we used this opportunity to discuss the ongoing relevance of Black-feminisms with intellectuals that we have long admired.

The series title refers to the Combahee River Collective and the response by the Black Lives Matter movement following the Trump victory. Given the explicit (rather than implicit) racial violence that we are facing, we hope to use these three seminars to reflect on the where we’ve been, what we’re currently facing, and where we can potentially go.

3rd May 2017

Are Black-feminisms possible (in the academy)?

This seminar explores the historical and ongoing barriers and opportunities for Black-feminist theories and practices through our everyday existences, and in spaces of knowledge production and legitimization in particular.


Mama D (Community Centred Knowledge),

Dr Pat Noxolo (University of Birmingham) &

Dr Suryia Nayak (University of Salford)

7th June 2017

Surviving in a Brexit/Trump era

So much has already changed, and by June 2017 we are likely to see how the work may appear so much harder. And yet an understanding of current history ‘here’ and ‘there’ grounds us to the reality that nothing has changed (It is still the same). This seminar will consider these ‘new’, traumatic, socio-political reality of explicit white supremacy and patriarchy, and ways to cope, survive &/or thrive.


Azeezat Johnson (University of Sheffield),

Kadian Pow (Birmingham City University),

Leona Satchell-Samuels (University of Leeds) &

Professor Shirley Tate (Leeds Beckett University)

18th July 2017

Moving forward with racial justice

Within these contexts, where do we go? How do we begin to organise towards different futures? How do we care for ourselves and those that are repeatedly marginalised, terrorised and silenced within a system of white supremacy? In short, what next?


Professor Akwugo Emejulu (University of Warwick),

Beth Kamunge (University of Sheffield),

Professor Kristie Dotson (Michigan State University) &

Dr Lisa Palmer (Birmingham City University)


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Ellesmere Charity

Difference, Culture and Space research cluster, Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield, Faculty of Social Science, PG forum fund