Over the past few months, the FWSA Executive Committee has underwent some changes. We have welcomed new co-chairs, Laura Clancy and Sara De Benedictis, and now we are pleased to announce three new members. Zahra Khosroshahi has joined Stacie Allan in our Communications team, working across our social media channels and website (including an exciting relaunch in September 2019). Sabrina Moro has taken on the role of Fundraising Officer, a new position which is vital for supporting our future activities. Bethan Archer has become our new treasurer and will be supported by Maria Tsouroufli until summer 2019. You can find out more about Zahra, Sabrina, and Bethan below. A warm welcome to the committee!


Zahra Khosroshahi is completing her Ph.D. at the University of East Anglia. Her research looks at the representation of women and gender politics in contemporary Iranian cinema. Zahra is interested in how the visual medium challenges systems of power, and how film specifically functions as a form of resistance in Iran. As a feminist media scholar, Zahra’s research seeks to de-westernize film theory and to explore a more intersectional and inclusive feminism. In addition to her research, as part of her engagement efforts, Zahra has been involved in various projects to make Iranian films accessible for a wider public audience. She believes that stories have the ability to humanize, build bridges and create connections. You can follow Zahra on Twitter.


Sabrina Moro is a PhD candidate in Cultural and Media Studies at Nottingham Trent University. Her research explores the complex interactions between gender/sexuality politics, rape testimonies, feminism and contemporary celebrity cultures. In addition to her thesis, Sabrina designs and runs participative workshops aimed at an audience beyond academia. She provides training and critical commentaries on contemporary media cultures and representations of gender, sexuality and consent in films and TV series. You can follow Sabrina on Twitter.


Bethan Archer is a PhD student and Associate Lecturer at Lancaster University. Her research is interdisciplinary, using feminist ideas across Gender & Women’s Studies, Media & Cultural Studies, and Literature. Her PhD combines feminist and queer theory to work to creating a new framework for exploring sibling incest in contemporary, fiction, TV and film. You can follow Bethan on Twitter.