Call for Participation: Prevent Closure of MA Women’s Studies at Bangor

The MA Women’s Studies programme has been taught in Bangor University (North Wales) since 1994.  Sitting within the School of Lifelong Learning, it has provided an accessible opportunity for many women (local women in particular) to take-up part-time study. Yet after employing financial consultants Deloitte to review its financial situation, Bangor University has announced thatContinue reading “Call for Participation: Prevent Closure of MA Women’s Studies at Bangor”

Call For Participants: South London Women’s Centre

Did you know South London Women’s Centre? Do you remember 14 Radnor Terrace in Lambeth?  Were you a squatter during the 70s? Did you see A Woman’s Place exhibition in 1974? Did you know any of the feminist artists who took part? Naomi Pearce, Amy Budd and Amy Tobin are doing research for a forthcoming exhibitionContinue reading “Call For Participants: South London Women’s Centre”

Women’s security in activist groups

by Helen Long Trigger warning- measures to prevent sexual assault I have learnt that people who are politically conscious in one way are not necessarily socially conscious, or even friendly.  Class activist circles can become old boys clubs, and peace camps can become safe havens for sexual harassers. Pollution pressure groups can make dirty remarks,Continue reading “Women’s security in activist groups”

The University of Southampton Feminist Society

Facebook: Twitter: @sufemsoc The University of Southampton Feminist Society is about to enter its sixth year. “Femsoc” as it is known on campus is a vibrant and active community. We hold weekly discussion meetings as well as film nights, fundraising events and fun feminist socials! Our society is open to everyone, regardless of gender.Continue reading “The University of Southampton Feminist Society”

Let Toys Be Toys

It all started on Mumsnet. Amongst posts about baby names, the etiquette of children’s party invites and interesting shopping lists left in Waitrose shopping trolleys, comments started to arise about how much toyshops had changed in recent years. “AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to feel f***ed off that shops feel the need to define toysContinue reading “Let Toys Be Toys”

Bristol Woman Magazine- Why the Need?

Look around Bristol’s home-grown magazine scene and you will soon see that while there are many local area magazines and events listings magazines, there is a complete dearth of local magazines aimed at women. We passionately wanted to bridge that gap and also to produce a community magazine that would reach and appeal to allContinue reading “Bristol Woman Magazine- Why the Need?”

Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes

by Nicola Gauld Freelance Project Manager   Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes was an opportunity for young women living in Birmingham to explore the activities of both sides of the suffrage campaign, militant and non-militant, in Birmingham in the early 20th century. Female students aged 12-15 from two local schools, Kings Norton Girls’Continue reading “Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes”